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.we could be Heroes.

though our restless hearts shall never mend

oh my love [we both go down together]
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Welcome! This is the place where people who ship the Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye pairing from Fullmetal Alchemist can read and post related fanfiction. We also do the monthly fic challenge deal, too. (If you win, you get that nice glow of pride that comes from people voting for you, and most likely, a snazzy banner.)

Sound good? It should. Go ahead and join in.

.rules of the community.

1. All posts should contain fanfiction (the only exception being mod posts). No posts should contain royai icons/graphics, episode summaries, etc. This is not a general FMA community, nor is it a general roy and/or hawkeye community.

2. When posting your fiction, please do it right! Your story should be: properly rated from G/K to NC17/M, lj-cut or at least linked to your journal, marked for spoilers and possible squicks, and formatted as neatly as possible. You don't have to be perfect, of course, but we prefer fiction that is not tIpeD LYke dIs, and an eyesore.

If you don't follow these rules, your post may be deleted, sorry about that. (We don't feel as if we are asking too much of you either; most other communities work the same way.)

3. No roy/someone else, riza/someone else or roy/riza/someone else fic. There are other communities for those, too.

4. NO INTRO POSTS. Just jump right on in, we're glad to have you! :) No community adverts either, unless you feel it has a strong relation to this comm & its purpose (which is unlikely). IF YOU DO AN INTRO POST, I WILL DELETE IT.

5. The mod (glassbomb, kuchenhexe, seme_koi) word is law, thank you. And if you have a problem with the community, take it to one of us. We shall be glad to help.

.the challenges.

All are welcome to submit one entry and/or submit one vote for each category for each challenge. No need to ask, no "fancy requirements" need to be met for elgibility, just join the challenge.

challenge one [contest finished, winner kuchenhexe]
challenge two [contest finished, winner kuchenhexe]
challenge three [contest finished, winner ceasefire]
challenge four [contest finished, winner cornerofmadness]


royai_fiction is exclusively for roy/hawkeye, but for those of you interested in exploring other pairings, we are open to affiliations with other pairing/fanfiction communities in the FMA fandom.

+ royaihavo

Want to be an affiliate? Contact glassbomb.